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Vanguard In 1966

Not long after Vanguard started trading in 1964, they diversified into activities allied to their main business of machinery removals and installation.

One of the first subsidiary companies to be formed was Vanguard Commercial Removals, formed in 1969 as the office and stores removal division of the Company. Regional diversification soon followed; Vanguard (Northern), Vanguard (Western), Vanguard (Southern), Vanguard (Midlands), Vanguard (Scotland) and Vanguard (Ireland) brought the full range of relocation expertise to every corner of the UK, while Vanguard Structural Steel, Vanguard Electrical Services, Vanguard Hire Services, Vanguard Packing, Shipping and Storage, Vanguard Containerised Storage, Vanguard Filebank and Skyhook Lifting all served to link the removals division to a full range of vital ancillary activities.

There was even a Vanguard Tropical Plants, providing much appreciated greenery to city offices!