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Powell Duffryn Bulk Wine Terminal Storage, Shoreham-By-Sea, Sussex

P.D.Wharfage and Transport contracted Vanguard to undertake the movement of their horizontal and vertical glass-lined tanks and fibreglass tanks from Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex to nearby Portslade. This involved the movement of 39 x 15000 gallon Glass-lined Tanks, each 14’0” diameter x 21’0” high and weighing 8 tons; 27 x 4400gallon Horizontal Glass- lined Tanks; 16 x Keeglass APV-Kestner 15000 gallon Fibreglass Tanks; 11 x Keeglass 5000 gallon Fibreglass Tanks together with a considerable number of smaller vessels. For the larger Glass-lined Tanks we designed and produced special Tank Bogies to be placed on the legs in order to slide each vessel out into the open , there they were crane loaded to our transport and, with Police escorts were conveyed through to the new premises at Portslade, and the reverse operation undertaken. The entire project was completed in 51 days, as scheduled, and the total storage capacity moved was 1,076,400 gallons or 4,893,412.00 Litres.