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Express Newspapers Ltd, Fleet Street

Brian Lawrence, the technical director of Express Newspapers, asked us to submit an urgent quotation for the movement of two old Goss newspaper presses from the basement press room, adjacent to Shoe Lane as they had purchased two new Nohab press lines which Vanguard were at that time delivering into our two 12,000 sq. ft. ex-atomic bomb bunkers in Barnham, Norfolk. As soon as the old presses were removed, Vanguard would install the new presses in the position vacated.

Noel McGuiness, pictured above, was a loyal keen member of our team and nothing was too much trouble. He volunteered to be on the dismantling gang which without doubt must be one of the dirtiest jobs on the planet. Old printing presses are covered with a black gunge – a combination of oil, grease and ink, which gets into everything. Not least, as proven by the photograph, hair, skin and clothing. Barry Walsh, our ace photographer, responsible for most of the photographs that appear on this homepage and in our book, was on site at the Daily Express and took this fabulous photograph of the bold Noel, happy as a pig in the usual!