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Germany To Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Sheetfed Press was at the heart of virtually every printing business in the UK, it was generally accepted that the “Rolls Royce” of these presses was the Roland 800 Press.Vanguard undertook the transportation and installation of virtually every 800 Press that has been installed in the UK, as we worked closely with Pershke Price Service who were the UK agents for MAN-Roland.

This is a typical operation, having received the order to undertake the installation at Field and Sons, Newcastle upon Tyne, our 30 ton capacity semi –low loading trailers were despatched to the Roland works at Offenbach Am Main, Germany, to arrive at 0700hrs on Tuesday,where they collected the dismantled Roland 804/6Press consisting of 2 Units at 14.5 tons each, plus Feeder and ancilleries, being a total of 58 tons. Once loaded, the vehicles returned to the UK to meet with crew and equipment in order to arrive on site at Field and Sons, Newcastle upon Tyne at 0800hrs on a Saturday morning. There our cranage would offload the main sections, each being tracked into the press room and there positioned to PPSO engineers instructions ready for final assembly and commissioning.

All similar movements, irrespective of the 800 Press configuration, were delivered to site on a Saturday morning at 0800hrs, irrespective of destination within the UK.