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Desoutter are one of the world’s leading specialist manufacturers of pneumatic drills, air screwdrivers and wrenches, utilised in the manufacture and maintainance throughout the motor vehicle, aerospace and light assemble sectors, and, surprisingly, developing into the world of orthopaedic tools. When they decided to relocate their entire Production Facility from existing premises at Edgeware Road, London NW9 to New premises in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, they appointed Vanguard to undertake the operation as they were able to undertake the electrical, pipework and mechanical disconnection, loading, transportation offload and reinstallation of all services, within their own Group.

The movement was scheduled over a six week period and the equipment ranged in size from 500kgs to 10000kgs, however, it was not the physical size of the equipment that created the headache, it was the extremely high gloss finish on the floor, from which you could eat your breakfast, the slightest scrape would be costly!

The lighter pieces of equipment could be easily handled by our heavy duty forklift trucks but, before entering the building the wheels had to be checked to ensure there was no foreign bodies attached which could damage the floor covering, the heavier items were offloaded, and then placed onto air -cushion pads and floated across the floor into their designated positions, a simple, but highly effective moving experience.