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Christmas Trees In Trafalgar Square

Since the early 80’s, Vanguard have undertaken the road movement of Norway’s annual gift of a 2 ton Christmas Tree from Felixstowe Docks to Trafalgar Square there to be met by Vanguard crew and carnage to complete the unloading operation, all for the princely sum of £1.00

The gift is from the people of Oslo, as a token of thanks, for Britain’s aid during World War Two. This picture shows a late addition to Vanguard’s armoury, in the shape of a GCI crane. The movement always involves a 0500hrs start from London depot and a road closure, in those early hours in order to position the crane outside the National Gallery, left the tree from trailer across wide pavement and lower into specially constructed “socket” on the Square, there we to assist wedge the tree and ensure that it is vertical, ready to be adorned with hundreds of white lights. The annual “switch-on” is recognised as the start of the Festive season and a sure sign that Christmas is nigh!